Thursday, January 10, 2013

Row80: First Check-In and Still Feeling My Way

Wednesday is edging to a close and I am just now checking in to Row80. This is my first check-in and I'm a little bit nervous. I don't know why. I think it may be because I spent the past hour or so writing. And it's weird. I can't remember the last time I did that without a deadline looming. Okay, okay, Row80 is a deadline of sorts, self-imposed and all that. But you know what I mean. Usually, I'm scrambling to get myself together for a critique group or some similar get-together where I'm expected to have pages.

Today? I just had a promise...made to myself and witnessed by a bunch of strangers who neither know me nor care whether or not I succeed. Who knew what a motivator that would be?

Or how nice it is to just sit and write without that panicked awareness of the time-clock ticking down the hours till I have to be...wherever.

And, yes, it's easy to say this now...just a couple of days in. I'm doing well but I'm just starting. Still, I'm optimistic.

So, my progress. I did not start writing on Monday, made an arbitrary decision that Row 80 for me started the day after I posted my goals. I posted my goals on Tuesday was Day 1 and today is Day 2.


Days of Writing: 2
Words Written: 539
Journals: 0
Days of Reading: 2

All in all? I'm pleased.  If I want to make my journaling goal for the week, I'll need to journal for the next few nights.  But I'm looking forward to it.  Huh.


  1. Glad you're pleased with your progress and looking forward to meeting your goals. Keep at it.

  2. I only write when I can come to it joyfully, because I used to impose so many rules and limits on myself that the joy went out of it...

    Oddly, I find that I am hugely more productive this way, and what I write is far better than anything I ever forced myself to write.

    Or maybe that's not so odd. I know I felt clenched and so aware of those "have-tos" that maybe it's no wonder that I couldn't often touch my deep and true places.

    I feel you are moving in the right direction, and with the right attitude!

    may your ROW just get better from here! =D