Tuesday, June 25, 2013

And they’re off…! A tale of jell-o.

Wow.  Quite the build-up.  Nerves.  Wringing hands.  Research.  

The act itself was almost simple.  A few file and saves.  A last minute edit.  A flash drive.

We’ll pretend it ended there, that I didn’t open and re-open those files, testing, re-testing line breaks, titles.  We’ll pretend I didn’t have second thoughts, third thoughts, didn’t drop a poem or two from the packet, didn’t make strange screeching sounds as I uploaded and then hit…submit.

It was an odd sensation…rather like throwing a baseball into a vat of jell-o.  There’s the wind-up, the pitch…and then jell-o.  The anti-splash.  It’s out there.  My poetry is out there, just hanging in lime-green limbo as I wait for the rejection.

I’m not letting myself think of the alternative.  The idea of rejection…is comforting.  Exciting even.  An affirmation of the status quo, a tick in the “yes, I’m really a writer” box.  The idea of publication, on the other hand, is a little frightening.  I think maybe publication will be the death-knell for all of my excuses.  

After all, if a magazine is taking me seriously…maybe I have to take me seriously.

The jell-o wobbles, holds firm.

I wait.

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  1. What? Which magazine? Topic? Enjoy the feeling, the mystery of what might happen. I look forward to a future WOK meeting when you share the publication of said article.

    1. I'm afraid to say. My submission seems evidence of some level of hubris, to say the least. But, accepted or rejected (more likely), I'll look forward to having SOMETHING to show for the endeavor. :-)

    2. I thought I already replied, Terry, but my reply has vanished. Thank you for commenting. As for the mag, I'm a little struck by my hubris in submitting to them so I'm keeping mum till I have the official rejection in hand. I'll consider even that a badge of honor. :-)

  2. 'Atta Girl! Anna, you have captured the feelings of most of us who have "put it out there" for publication. I love the jello image; it's spot-on. Thinking positive thoughts that you will soon be taking yourself very seriously. Thank you. xoA

    1. Thank you, Annis! Your comments are always welcomed! :-)