Thursday, July 4, 2013

Elbow-Grease, The Count and a Row80 Check-In

Well, I'm a day behind for WOK and Row80.  Go figure.  I was so tired last night that even the restoration of lap-top access was not sufficient to inspire blog activity.  In fact, my 300 words...yes 300...ran the gamut from Atlas (the myth, not the map) to the far-future world of a little girl named Bessa and to my own living room with its owner one blink from nodding off in her chair.  Some of my words were fillers.  There may have been a few repetitive phrases...revolving around my bed and how much I wanted to be in it.

But I did it.  300 words.  Yes, 300 is important.  That's Level 2 of Magic Spreadsheet.  Which means I survived Level 1.  Which means my Row80 goals need an update.  "Three...thrrree!" says the Sesame Street Count, complete with rolling ars and mad laughter.  "Thrrree hundrred words!"

Yep, let's pump Row80 up to 300 words a day...match it up with Magic Spreadsheet.  They can check and balance me.  Maybe.  We'll see.

That said and knowing this is far too early in Row80 to brag and the accomplishment so small that do-it-yourselfers everywhere will scoff...I fixed my sink.  Yup.  You heard it.  The garbage disposal no longer hums when I flip the switch; it growls, grumbling up from the sink like a little monster.  It sorta stinks like a little monster too.  So I have plans for a plink and maybe a lemon rind.  But the little monster can eat again. 
In the end, it was still the simple fix.  Allen wrench.  And the persistent application of force.  I'd never had the blades jam that badly.  Let me put it this way.  In a contest between the jammed blades and the combined force of my broom handle, weight (not insignificant)and leverage...the blades won.  I have a curvy broom handle now and the blades did not budge. 

Still, the next night, I sat with the sink and the stink and an allen wrench.  And I stayed there, twisting the wrench first to one side and then the other, a theoretical exercise as nothing was moving...until it did.  Not much.  Not far.  But it moved.  And I kept working it, slowly, one twist of the wrench at a time.  My father would probably laugh at me or, knowing him, nod his head with that all-wise all-seeing look fathers sometimes get.  "Elbow-grease."

Yes, Dad, I get it.  

And, yeah, maybe my writing needs a little elbow grease too.  Magic Spreadsheet.  Row80.  Camp Nano...yes, my canoe is on the lake...sorta.  Okay, I've still got one foot on shore but so what?  

And WOK.  Let's not forget WOK.  Writers of Kern.  Blogging twice a week and, starting Monday, pushing for 20K fiction in a month-long challenge.  

Before you ask, my WOK words and my Nano words?  Two separate projects, two separate counts.
This is elbow-grease, not shortcuts.  More work, not less.


Row80:   Sink, yes.  300+ words/day, yes.  2 Blogs/Wk, yes.   July Submission, not yet. 
WOK Blog:  Current with this entry, if a little late in coming.
WOK 20K:  Begins July 8
Camp Nano:  509/25000 words.
Magic Spreadsheet:  12,615 words since June 2, 32 day chain, 570 points, Level 2


  1. I'm impressed over your DIY-skills. We don't have garbage-disposal-sink-thingies in Sweden, so I have no clue how to fix it. Well done you!

    I like the sound of Magic Spreadsheets! :D

  2. That's so cool that you fixed your garbage disposal! Way to go! And your 300 words a day goal is fantastic. That's a whole book in just under a year, which is pretty darned great. Keep up the good work!