Sunday, July 14, 2013

Must Have Noise: Row80

Silence strikes at the oddest moments.  I wrote for several hours tonight, picking at a piece of a someday novel, rewriting, adding, imagining.  All good things.  A good evening.  Especially since this was proof positive that my malfunctioning computer is once again functioning.

But then the silence hit.

Okay, it wasn’t entirely unexpected.  I was transferring to the living room so I could relax a bit, write this blog.  And…silence.  It finds me in the in-between moments.

I usually have the TV going, background noise, something to fill those empty spaces.

But, caught up in the words, the TV had gone to slumber and there was nothing.

It’s an odd feeling, the silence.  There’s a pressure, an expectation.  I find myself speaking in hushed tones, stepping quietly, sneaking.  Like there’s someone sleeping in another room who might wake if I’m too loud.
So I’m watching, not watching, old shows on Netflix, familiar refrains working to ease the tension.

So, to sum up this largely pointless post about silence, here’s my week.

Row80:  Well, I got my 300+ words a day in even if one of those days was 300 words of mostly gibberish.  I haven’t done my July submission yet.  Time and computer woes were working against me.  Sink remains functional.  Yay.  I even managed to fix my computer.  Double yay!  My novel rehab list remains on the “to do” list.
WOK Blog Challenge:   Lagging by 1 entry.  Will catch up.
WOK 20K:  3602/20K.   Running a little but not impossibly behind.
Camp Nano:  3267/25000.  Also running behind here, but not impossibly.
Magic Spreadsheet: 21,584 words since June 2, 43 day chain, 1009 points, Level 2

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  1. As I read your blog post, my hubby is watching baseball, and so the hum of the announcer is in the background. Sometimes I wonder what life will be like when there is silence. I am not ready for that transition, yet it will come. Hopefully not too soon. May the coming week be a good one for you. Write on!