Sunday, August 11, 2013

Row80: Back-aches and Poetry

    I’ll be honest.  I want nothing more than to not write a blog post right now.  I managed to tweak my back in the midst of my latest clean-the-house attempt and am writing to you from my cocoon of self-pity and cushions.  Of course, I managed to do this after having de-shelved all my books and well before the re-shelving was complete.  That’s what I get for above-and-beyond thinking.  After all, when better to re-organize than while cleaning?

    Still, it is Sunday and a check-in is due.  My first half-a-week back on the Row80 band-wagon was a hit and miss endeavor.  I missed yesterday’s 300+ count due to laziness and fatigue.  But otherwise have held steady.  Of note, WOK starts a new daily writing challenge today.  700 words a day for 3 weeks.  I’m going to give it my best go but am leery of taking too much on, suspecting that ambition may have played a part in my prior slippage (see prior blog post).  Still, better ambitious than lazy.

    In other news, I attended my poetry critique group yesterday with two pieces.  They were both well-received.  In fact, only one garnered any suggestion toward change.  I am, of course, not certain this is a good thing.  I have often heralded lack of criticism with suspicion, if not disdain.  I look at my work, every sentence I have ever strung together…and I see room for improvement.  If I can see it, staring out at the world from within its framework, shouldn’t others find those same flaws, find more?

    I know, I know, I should shut my mouth and say “thank you.”

    So I do.  I smile and nod and say the words.  The words come easily enough, manners providing cover to a disappointment I cannot as easily express.

    No, I don’t understand it either.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello Again: Row80

Hello!  It feels strange wandering back onto the blogosphere having missed three check-ins and failed a number of my daily, weekly, monthly goals.  This is a bad habit of mine...a stumble, a fall and I’m wallowing in the mud, making mud-cakes, perpetuating the error till, at last, I’m writing a blog and confessing the failure.

I petered out at 8K with Camp Nano and an approximate 7K of the 20K WOK challenge.  In my head, I like to combine the two totals and feel better about myself.  Approximately 1 week ago, I fell asleep after writing 82 of my 300+ daily words.  My daily writing since then has been spotty.  I have not blogged for 2 weeks missing 3 check-ins.  And did I make my monthly submission goal for July?  Nope.

Compared to this, receiving a rejection notice for my poetry is almost anti-climactic.  

No, I’m not that pathetic.  The rejection was the cherry on the sundae, not the base.

But, today, Wednesday check-in.  I didn’t want to let another one go by.

So hello again!  

Time to take a breath.

300+ words a day.  We’ll pick that up as of today.

We’ll start with that.  The simple goal.  The foundation.

We’ll see where we stand on Sunday…