Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello Again: Row80

Hello!  It feels strange wandering back onto the blogosphere having missed three check-ins and failed a number of my daily, weekly, monthly goals.  This is a bad habit of mine...a stumble, a fall and I’m wallowing in the mud, making mud-cakes, perpetuating the error till, at last, I’m writing a blog and confessing the failure.

I petered out at 8K with Camp Nano and an approximate 7K of the 20K WOK challenge.  In my head, I like to combine the two totals and feel better about myself.  Approximately 1 week ago, I fell asleep after writing 82 of my 300+ daily words.  My daily writing since then has been spotty.  I have not blogged for 2 weeks missing 3 check-ins.  And did I make my monthly submission goal for July?  Nope.

Compared to this, receiving a rejection notice for my poetry is almost anti-climactic.  

No, I’m not that pathetic.  The rejection was the cherry on the sundae, not the base.

But, today, Wednesday check-in.  I didn’t want to let another one go by.

So hello again!  

Time to take a breath.

300+ words a day.  We’ll pick that up as of today.

We’ll start with that.  The simple goal.  The foundation.

We’ll see where we stand on Sunday…


  1. Welcome back!
    Sometimes stumbles are inevitable. And making mud cakes can be fun, if nothing else.
    Good luck with your goal. I'll be back to check up on you on Sunday :)

  2. Sorry, back late rthan expected. How have you been doing with your goal?