Sunday, October 20, 2013

At Her Feet (OctPoWrimo Entry #19)

At Her Feet

She wakens to the salt-splash
of tears upon the shattered ash
of earth at her feet;

the grief-struck clutch of fists,
the cough-sob throb of woeful whist,
nestled at her feet;

she knows the child burrowed deep
in shuddered sorrows,  exhaustive sleep,
sheltered at her feet;

his heart beat beneath her breast,
a thrumming hum within her chest,
now echoed at her feet;

she filled him with her final breath,
gave him life, accepted death,
now fears it at her feet;

softly, calls she branches down,
a mother’s arms laid gently round
the child at her feet;

the soldiers pass, the fires rage on,
she holds him till the break of dawn
hidden at her feet;

and with the sun his father comes
following retreating drums
to find him at her feet;

she watches with sap-stung eyes
as the father bids his son to rise
up from at her feet;

they leave her in the wood enclave,
a simple tree grown from the grave
lying at her feet.

Poet's Note:  The prompt was to explore rhyme.  I tend to use rhyme within my poetry without generally subscribing to a rhyme-scheme.  So, in an effort to explore that type of poetry, I attempted something of an aab aab pattern here.  I enjoyed the exercise, like the over-all outcome...but it needs some polish.  Still...rhyme.  :-)

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