Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fallow (WOK Blog Entry #6: Words that are and should be)

I like the letter “F”.  It flutters, floats, flits, a feathery soft breath between lip and tooth, fragile and fulsome at the same time.  It’s wholesome, family and friends and forever.  And it is anything but, failure and famine and a thousand false starts.

“F” did not come easily to me.  Do I choose something fun?  Something funny?  I spent some time contemplating farfanugen (definitely not a real word).  Which is more often spelled farfegnugen (also not a real word) and which is an English butchery of the German fahrvergnugen (real word…just not an English one). 

Apparently, it means driving pleasure.  As in driving a car.  As in it came from a Volkswagon commercial from the 90’s.  I hunted it down on YouTube.  It is not an especially good commercial.  And, no, I don’t know why I grappled onto “farfanugen.”

For me, it’s a light-hearted under-the-breath mouth-filler.  If you’re the nervous type, you might know what I mean.  It has nothing to do with driving pleasure for me.  But maybe something to do with the pleasure of speaking the word…even a butchered English rendition of it.

Perhaps what I like best about the letter “f” though is this blog, the fallacy of trying choose one of a thousand words, the finicky nature of my fingers finagling their way towards Fahrenheit, fortune, fame.  I find that I don’t want to choose.  The blog wanders, lies fallow and fruitless.

Fallow.  Cultivated land allowed to lie idle during growing season.  Plowed land.  (

Maybe that’s what this blog post is…a field of words, earthy and rich, these few paragraphs simply the turning over of the soil.  I don’t know what to plant.  So I sit in it, getting dirt on my jeans, hands, breathing in the possibilities and unwilling to make a choice.

Fallow.  I like the word.  I like all the words.

And that’s the truth of it.

Blogger’s Note:  Farfanugen, farfanugen…lol!


  1. My front lawn isn't cultivated but it has become close to a fallow, i think. It's quite ugly. At the very least, it has a fallow hue.

    1. My yard's pretty ugly right now as well. I'm hopeful the winter rye will give it some life...maybe imbue it with a bit of green? I hope?

  2. Yet, I remember that commercial! The testament to its power is being recalled by you (and I) two decades later. Sort of like a bad summer song that you can't get out of your head (full disclosure: I worked for the ad agency that created that commercial...)

    1. True! In that respect, the commercial was genius! Let's just say it won't hit my top-ten list. That said, I hope you take no offense at my not being a die-hard fan of the pointed stuck with me! Am a little boggled at the odd connections...I honestly didn't expect anyone to know the reference much less have been attached to the maker of the ad. How funny! :-)