Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Love Is (OctPoWrimo Entry #8)

Love is that thing curled
deep inside the gut,
a bowel maybe,
a kidney?

It operates in
the hollow spaces,
filtering the waste of
our wanton desires, our
more wholesome obligations,
relations, that sense of home
that nonetheless consumes. 

It is comforting in its
regularity, its daily

We notice it best
when it fails to function,
clogged with waste, with
worry, with a bitter fear
that life is not what
was promised.

Love is

Poet's Note:  Posting a little late.  Exhaustion got the better of me last night and I was stalling out on the prompt.  The prompt was to liken Love to one thing.  I was, of course, trying to find something beautiful, wholesome, sweet.  After all, we're talking about love here.  

I struggled.  And I decided to sleep.

This morning, I was up early and decided to let my gut lead (I'm lovin' the puns).  This is what came out. 


  1. Literally a visceral poem. It may be about offal, but is wonderful.

  2. Very clever, Mark. (comment above)

    Sometimes it's best to go with your gut. I like the result here. :)

    Keep up the good work.