Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Apple Witch (OctPoWriMo Entry #3)

The Apple Witch

She is tall
for a witch,
skin puckered,
pale, pin-prick eyes
and the bitter impression
of a mouth.  Dark threads of
hair rise up triumphant
over that shrunken
skull, her hands
curled into fists,
her cheeks a dried
apple round without
blush.  I am envious, trace
her shape with jealous eyes.
I will have one like her one day.
I will make her.  She will be mine.

Instead, the teacher promises a book
of poetry, the blank white page,
a lesson in rhyme.  I am
disappointed, I am
dizzied, I am
in love.

Poet's Note:  Today's prompt was an invitation to return to our first poem.  I wasn't sure I had anything to harvest from that.  I started writing poetry at a very young age, am unsure what my first poem actually was.  But then I got to thinking...about my brother's apple-witch.  When he was in fifth grade, he had a teacher who did tons of art projects with the class...including a dried apple witch.  I thought the witch was awesome!  I wanted to make a witch like that.  

Silly as it sounds, I never forgot and when I realized I would finally be entering into the proper grade, I was very excited, hopeful I'd get to do all the really cool projects I remembered my brother doing, hopeful I'd finally get to make my very own apple-witch.

And then I actually got to fifth grade and I actually got assigned to that teacher...for English.  They were trying to ease us into the idea of changing classrooms in junior high by having us switch off teachers for certain subjects while we were still in Elementary school.  To my sheer and utter heartbreak (I'd been waiting for 4 years!), Mrs. O- didn't do art projects with her English class!

She did poetry.  :-)


  1. Great Poem! I used to write lots of poetry when I was younger. It was either depressing or a love poem. I was a pretty emotional kid. Yet, all my English teachers loved me. :-)

    1. Emotions are great fodder for poetry...and there's nothing wrong with love poems or depressing poems...I've got my share. And, yes, the teachers do love the poets. :-)

  2. I like that the shape of your poem looks like the profile of a witch with a pointy nose and prominent chin.

    1. Thank you. I do shape my poems but, oddly enough, often it's a subconscious thing...I'm usually just looking for a pleasing over-all shape. I do love that you see a witch in there. And now I do too. I think it must have been at the back of my brain...I'm gonna go with that because it makes me feel much smarter than I probably am. :-D Thank you so much for reading!

  3. A terrific poem, Anna. I feel your anguish turn to love. Beautiful. xoA