Monday, October 21, 2013

The Cage (OctPoWriMo #22)

The Cage

You watch me from chain-link,
one somber eye assessing,
confessing a secret I
cannot hear.  The artist
wishes I saw your cage, the
rage behind that snapshot gaze,
a haze of hunger,  blaze of righteous
indignation.  Instead, I see pity, a gritty
reminder that the cage is mine.

Poet's Note:  Today's Prompt was to write a poem based upon one of a number of pictures.  You can see the pictures and prompt here.  So here we are...the 22nd poem.  I have officially tied my record from last year.  It seems this year I may actually hit the full 31.  And that feels pretty good.  :-)


  1. Incidentally I too named my poem "Cage".Liked your poem. Cheers.

    1. Great minds...! :-) Thank you so much for reading!

  2. The cage is mine.. lots of emotion. reads really well.

  3. "confessing a secret I cannot hear"
    Strong imagery - nice!

  4. "The rage behind that snapshot gaze" LOVE it! Great job today, I love how you tied it up in the last line.

  5. Very powerful poem to accompany this moving photograph. What a gritty reminder!

  6. Lots of emotion, here, Anna. Wow. I love this line: "one somber eye assessing, " I find this fascinating because the one behind the fence is judging, as opposed to being judged.

    Thank you. xoA

    1. Thank you! And thank you for sharing your thoughts on it...I appreciate that more than you can know. :-)