Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Fat Man (OctPoWriMo Entry #25)

The fat man cometh,
red faced and jolly, wreathed
in green holly and ready to
molly-coddle the kids. 

I miss Santa. 

The fat man cometh,
huffing and puffing, hurriedly
stuffing bright packages under a
green needle fringe. 

I miss Santa. 

The fat man cometh,
a myth made of kindness,
a benevolent blindness,
the mindless insistence
that people are good.

I miss Santa.

Let the fat man come.

Poet's Note:  The prompt was to explore a favorite holiday.  I went with Christmas.  I have an older poem that really capture my thoughts on Christmas so, for this one, I thought I'd aim for light-hearted.  Not sure I quite hit my mark but it was fun.


  1. A lovely poem with neat internal rhyme -- though I'm less certain it's light-hearted for that slightly sinister warning that "mindless insistence that people are good." In this world, we all miss Santa!

    1. Yeah, the light-hearted thing sorta derailed itself but I had fun anyway. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! :-D

  2. Enjoyed the internal rhyme and the idea that we all wish for a Santa in our lives. "Let the fat man come."

    Thanks xoA