Friday, October 4, 2013

The Penitent (OctPoWriMo Entry #4)

The Penitent

Come I
the penitent
to this place of power,
that inner space, that inner
tower of strength so many
people talk about.  Mine
is not so powerful,
or towerful,
a squat and ramshackle
reflection of my mistakes.
It is a hovel.

I stand ready
to grovel for absolution,
an allocution ready on my tongue.

You cover your ears, years
gathered in your eyes,
tears in mine.

We mime
a truce. 

No apologies.

Poet's Note:  Today's prompt was gentility, being gentle with oneself, others being gentle toward us, etc.  This is my poem.  

Of note, this is my fourth entry for OctPoWriMo.  It occurred to me I have been remiss in plugging the site.  It's a great exercise (whether you call yourself a poet or not), great fun and if anyone wanders here who is not already participating...give it a go or at least check out some of the other poets at


  1. " a squat and ramshackle
    reflection of my mistakes."

    love these lines.

  2. You cover your ears, years
    gathered in your eyes,
    tears in mine.~just loved these and re-read! beautiful!

    1. The same lines grabbed me and made me nod in understanding. Wonderful poem!

  3. I love the poem. You did a wonderful job with this.

    1. Thank you, Jasmine! I appreciate your reading it and taking the time to comment! :-)

  4. Beautiful job with this poem, Anna. I love your use of rhyme and repetition. Power/powerful, tower/towerful, hovel/grovel, ears/years/tears. I see you. xoA

    1. Thank you! I enjoy working with rhyme...probably will never entirely give it up. :-)

  5. "We mime a truth" this line blew me away! Great job.

    1. :-) If it had been truth, that would have been a pretty awesome twist on the line! Thank you for commenting!