Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Thief (OctPoWriMo Entry #2)

The Thief

The neighbor's dog is barking,
a deep scruff warning
I try to ignore. 

If the intruder comes,
he comes every night,
walking the dark
like a shadow
through walls,
through windows,
through floors. 

He disturbs
the dust-bunnies,
sets them quivering
amongst porcelain
knick-knacks of a
childhood abandoned,
copulating in the cracks
between floorboards,
the next generation
nosing its way into
the morning
with alarm, a
chittering nittering
reminder of daily

He brings me
things, offerings from
my neighbor, his neighbor,
strangers I've never met, seen,
heard of, whose dogs have
never barked at
the nothing
that fills
the night sky.

He whispers them
into my dreams, slides
them like pennies into my
pockets, takes with him my
left shoe, right sock,
the leftover meatloaf
in my fridge.

Poet's Note:  Today's prompt had to do with where we find poetry.  I spent some time thinking about that; it really is a fantastic prompt.  But I got nowhere.  Then the neighbor's dog started barking.  The dog barks pretty much every night.  And, well, if you've ever wondered how my brain works...this is pretty much it.  Think whatever you will of that.  :-)


  1. I like your brain. Personifying poetry as a Peter Pan figure is awesome after watching last night's Once Upon a Time. Does that make poets Lost Boys( and Girls)?

    1. Ha! I think it must! A Lost Girl...I can get on-board with that...and now I really need to watch the season premiere of Once Upon a Time...thank goodness for DVR!

  2. Love this.... the thought of dust bunnies having sex was so unexpected, but that would explain my living room corners and floor, especially underneath the recliner that is holding me up right now! :~)

    1. It's certainly the only explanation for my house! Of course my general disinclination for household chores doesn't help but, yes, dust-bunnies gone!

      Thanks for commenting! :-)

  3. Ann, I really like this one. Love the imagery of this favorite line:
    "He whispers them
    into my dreams, slides
    them like pennies into my
    pockets, ..."

    Thank you. xoA

    1. Thank you, Annis. I'm very behind on replying to people but I appreciate your reading and commentary very much. :-)