Monday, December 30, 2013

Thoughts on the New Year

Thoughts on the New Year

Time is an arbitrary choosing; we are losing
eternity.  We rhyme, rhyme each year
in echo of the last, hoping that the
one syllable difference will
in time free us from the habits
of our every-day selves which daily
disappoint.  We,we see what we wish to,
unmaking promises that last year were new,
as free as the winged beast that heaves itself
into the sky and has, has at dusky peak and
clouded clime found his prison.

Poet's Note:  Ah, I've missed this.  This is my first posted response to the Poets on the Page I've sort of gone off the rails on the prompt.  We were supposed to put our writing resolutions into a Mirror Sestet...which is insanely hard.  As you can see, I went off on a tangent.  I was thinking about the New Year, all the resolutions that are still firming themselves in my head, all the resolutions I've made and broken in the past...and this is what came out.  I started out trying for the Mirror Sestet but couldn't get the last rhyme...and then the spacing looked I broke the lines where best pleased my eye...and I don't think it's much of a Mirror Sestet any more...maybe a Broken Mirror Sestet?  Lol! writing resolutions for the New Year?

1.  To finish a novel.  I have multiple "in-progress" projects.  I need to finish one of them.
2.  To write more poetry.  I'd like to average 3 new poems a week.


  1. This is fantastic. I love the thoughts that twist and bend. Very cool.

  2. Wonderful writing goals for 2014! I love the rhythm of your poem! I don't think it really matters if you follow the prompt perfectly since it is all about learning and stretching but in a way that feels good to the individual. Most important is getting your words down, which of course you have done! =)

  3. Anna, your thoughtful poem brings out a theme common to so many of us. You had me at the first line with the internal rhyme of choosing and losing. Then I could see myself in your words, "We,we see what we wish to,
    unmaking promises that last year were new," Wonderful way to start fulfilling your 2014 writing goals. Happy New Year. xoA

  4. This is a very beautiful poem. That's the awesomeness of poetry. You don't know where it will go (: