Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Light Magic

Luce hesitated before pulling her hands away, watching as the light slowly bled from the fingertips.  “I’m sorry,” she said and her voice shook as though each word were an effort beyond imagining.  “I did try.”

The old soldier nodded his head but didn’t reply.  His shoulders rounded just a little and he signaled two of the younger men forward to take the corpse away.  

The soldier and the sorceress watched as the young men placed their fallen comrade’s arms over their own shoulders and carried him out much as they’d carried him in, in staggering mimic of what Luce was sure had been many drunken revelries.  The echo pulled at her guts and set the fire in her fingers sparking to life along with a fierce desire to try and try again till the boy breathed once more, laughed, till he was indeed the carefree soldier she had met just days before.

Luce wiped her fingers against her leggings, wishing as she always did that the magic would come off as easily as its glimmering residue.  She swallowed against the wish, knowing such things to be as futile as her efforts to revive the fallen soldier.  “I did try, Captain.  I promised nothing more.”

The captain’s voice was gruff in his reply.  “Nor did I ask.”

He took the lantern with him when he left and latched the door behind him.

Luce watched the door until the last light of her magic had faded, aching for the father, aching for the son and wishing, as she always did, that the lies didn’t trip so easily from her tongue.

Author's Note:  A flash fiction bit?  Maybe an excerpt for something longer?  Still going with the flow and....CAUGHT UP!  With L!


  1. This would be great for a longer story, thanks for the change of read!

  2. Lovely, Anna! I'd like to see more of this. :)