Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Verily We eXcuse Your Zeal

Well, the A to Z blog challenge is drawing to a close.  And I had lots of fun.  Sad to say, I must admit defeat at this juncture.  I don’t have it in me to manage 5 entries by midnight.  But I don’t consider it a defeat really.  I had a ton of fun and wrote a lot more than I probably would have otherwise.  I managed solid entries from A to U.  If this is a haphazard finale, my apologies.

I’ve had the opportunity to read some wonderful blogs.  

I've had the opportunity to write.
I have no regrets.

Hope to see you all again (virtually speaking, of course).  

Author’s Note:  I know the title doesn’t really make sense.  But it’s the only sentence I could manage with the letters.  Lol!


  1. 22 out of 26 posts is nothing to scoff at! You did quite well. And there is always next year! Congratulations! Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie

  2. The title is funny! It's okay to admit defeat. You did it after sharing lots of awesomeness, so thank you!

  3. Fantastic, well done on getting this far. Respect.