Sunday, May 11, 2014

Row80: Confessions of a Lookie-Loo

                Every so often, I am stopped – mid-breath – by the realization of time slipping.  I will be walking to the mail-box or attempting to make a dent in the clutter of my every-day when it will hit me…I should be writing.  And that thought, like a train-wreck, leads to a slow and a stop and that awful lookie-loo stare at where I am in life and in my writing and how much time I have wasted.

                So, Row80.  I’ve never made it through a round.  The thing about lookie-loos?  Eventually they move on, blink and shake their head and put their foot on the gas and the train wreck behind them.  So I guess I’m aiming to stop the car this time, get out, head toward the wreckage and see if I can pull anything out worth saving.

                So, late start, my Row80 goals are as follows:

                                1250 words a week, aiming for 5 writing days out of 7.

                                3 poems a week (poetry does not count toward word total).

                                750 of my 1250 words should be on an in-progress novel.

                                The remaining 500 is free for novels or short stories as pleases.

You can check out some other Row80 participants via the link below.

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