Thursday, October 2, 2014

OctPoWriMo #1: And On My Shoulder, Dreams

And on my shoulder, dreams.

The weighted wing as ballast
pulls to center.  The eye
follows, stomach
hollows in spiral

I pick through the wreckage.

Poet's Note:  Wow, already behind.  I'll admit my brain was not feeling poety today.  But I wrote a snippet.  Which is something.  And I'm excited about OctPoWriMo which is even better.  Here's hoping that tomorrow's a better day.  


  1. Snippets= wonder. Whenever we devote ourselves to poetry (or anything, actually) and follow through with action, the world becomes a better place, yes?

    I especially enjoy "I pick through wreckage" -- such a great collection of words in a potent declaration. That could be my life's job description!

    1. Ah thank you so much, Julie! You are always so encouraging!

  2. Beautiful imagery? Especially loved that last line!

  3. I thought this was beautiful in its simplicity, carries a lot of emotion!

  4. I agree with Maleko, it carries a lot of emotion. Beautifully done, thank you for sharing and linking up with OctPoWriMo!

  5. It feels whole and perfect to me.

    It made me think of a vulture (I should tell you that I am fascinated by vultures, so this is a good thing!)...circling, spiraling down, empty, cleaning up what's left behind after tragedy...

    So glad you created this!

    1. Oooh vulture! I like that! Thank you for reading and sharing the image that came to you!