Friday, October 10, 2014

OctPoWriMo #10: Inside Out

Inside Out

I am tired of pencils pushing
into the gray folds of my introverted
controverted brain.  What’s wrong
with eccentric, the old soul
at center, the ghost
not yet come?

I am more than the sum
of my failings, my frailings,
my dumb inconsiderate
railings at life. 

So why label it?

Poet's Note:  The prompt...Mental Health Day.  I'll confess I don't have a lot of personal experience in this area.  I know a few people with issues...and I don't ask them about it.  Not my business.  And I've wondered what a professional would make of the mess that is my brain...but I've never gone in to ask.

I'm always a little leery of labels.  There's nothing wrong with having mental issues or getting help for them.  Please do.  I have a problem with the labels.  Why do we have to slap a sticker on people?  I always feel like it's setting expectation...can't we just get to know each other...all of our oddities and quibbles without the caveat...oh this person has, is or was x, y and z?

I don't know.  I'm not sure I know what I'm talking about.  Hope I haven't offended anyone...'twas not my intent.

Happy Poeting!


  1. never offended by words authentically written. enjoyed the melodic brevity here...

  2. As one who lives with multiple diagnoses, I can relate quite well to your statement here:
    "I am more than the sum
    of my failings, my frailings,
    my dumb inconsiderate
    railings at life. "

    As for labels, I understand your point. However, after crafting a suicide plan 5 years ago and spending time in the hospital to "get better", I am on daily meds that keep my head above water. Without my labels, the professionals wouldn't be able to treat me properly. Please know that I'm not at all offended by what you said, just explaining the necessity of a diagnosis for those with life-threatening illnesses.

    1. Ah that wasn't quite what I meant and I was afraid it would come across that way. Diagnoses are essential. Mental health treatment very important. I wish it were available more readily to more people. I'm talking about the labels out in society...where sometimes that's the first thing you learn about someone either directly or through rumor. And how every interaction can be flavored by what you know or what you think you know about that diagnosis. I find it scary how that happens. And I'm disturbed by how that happens. I just like to imagine a world where I can meet someone and get to know them without having someone else putting these labels and expectations on things. If that makes sense. Thank you for reading and for being so gracious in reply.

  3. It's tough. The labeling thing. Because how do we address issues without giving them a name? But then once they have a name, it crystallizes into something isolated and we forget that everything is connected and exists on a continuum. Not easy. But that's the limitation of language.