Sunday, October 12, 2014

OctPoWriMo #12: Setting the Target

Setting the Target

I’m aiming for perfection,
resurrection of the tongue
in black and white.

I want the dictionary right
to define my own words,
to outline intent
and have it

I desire absolution
every broken
slanted phrase,
the graze of thought
ill-defined and uttered
before I could swallow.

It’s hollow,


And so
I aim higher.

 Poet's Note:  Again, for any WOK bloggers visiting, click here for my most recent A-Z post.  I'm behind but I am trying.  And, while you're welcome to read my poetry posts, if you're looking for the here.

OctPoWriMo!  The prompt was obsession.  There were a variety of things I could have gone with...but I went with my heart.  It's been a thinky day for me.  And my words are always at the forefront...did I say this right, that right...was there a better way to articulate my point?  Did I manage to articulate it?  Was it a point that needed to be made?  Would it have been better to keep my mouth shut?  Did I keep my mouth shut when I should have spoken up?  I can drive myself nuts with this kind of stuff.

That was on my heart and on my that's the poem you get today.  Live with it!  (And, yes, I'll probably be dissecting this little poet's note in my head for the rest of the night...sigh).


  1. Oh yes, I want that:

    I want the dictionary right

    to define my own words,

    to outline intent

    and have it


  2. Follow your heart is the mantra. You did that in this write Anna :)

  3. I like the poetry, your clever use of words. a fun poem but one that resonates. thanks

  4. Very nice! I like the dictionnary rights too :-)
    And believe me, I'm like you, dissecting every little phrase I wirte, second guessing myself all the time!