Monday, October 13, 2014

OctPoWriMo #13: The White Crayon

The White Crayon
-- an exercise in choice

Give me the wax-white sheen
discarded on the placemat
with the worn-down nubs
of more popular colors. 
No one has fought
over this one.
It is, after all,
an accent,
a subtlety
most children
ignore.  And no one
has broken out the black
construction paper
for stars.

I will draw
them on my skin
and recreate
my scars.

Poet's Note:  First, any WOK bloggers looking for the A-Z entries, click here.  Or read my poetry.  Whatever floats your boat!

OctPoWriMo Entry #13.  The prompt was color.  Well, white is not my favorite color...but I did a "Green" poem a year or two ago and green wasn't speaking to me tonight.  Tonight, it's the white crayon that called my know the one...the only crayon in the box that still has a point, the one every kid avoids like the plague because it doesn't show up...not like turquoise or mustard yellow or any other color on the planet..  Yeah, that one.  

So, this is the poem that resulted.  Crayons.  Scars.  I think it still needs something...some grand conclusion.  But I'm not sure what it should be.  So...yeah, random thoughts from the brain here. 


  1. Like the hero, the underdog wears white.

  2. Powerful, thought provoking words. I hope the ending will come to you, in its own time.