Wednesday, October 15, 2014

OctPoWriMo #14: My One Not So Wild Life

My One Not So Wild Life
--in answer to Ms. Oliver

yes, but mild,
a jalapeno seeded
and dumbed down with
tomato the way you temper
a perfectly fine black tea
with honeyed milk,
that silk-soft slip
of bitter down
the throat,
the heat
and sweet
of it. 

I’ll take
my adventure
in dreams.

Poet's Note:  The take inspiration from one of a set of quotes.  I chose the one from Mary Oliver...apparently a line asking what you will do with your one wild and precious life.  Mine's not that here's my response.  I struggled with this one...and I'm afraid it shows.  But I sort of liked what came out anyway.  :-)


  1. It didn't read like struggle. So much attention to the tiny, simple, rich details of life. Wild attention! =D

  2. You say you struggled with this one but it doesn't show they way you worry. You're onto something here.

    I felt this one like bitter regret. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it reminds me of all the things I'm not doing that I wish I was. And that I'm going to die without experiencing what life has to offer if I don't get f*cking busy! Dreams are not enough! I'll take the bitter coffee! I'll take the jalapeño! I don't care if it hurts. I want to live and experience life!