Wednesday, October 22, 2014

OctPoWriMo #20: Blitzing Late

Running behind myself
running late again
again stumbling
again mumbling excuses
excuses like salt stream sweat
excuses profuse as profanity
profanity slipped
profanity clipped from set teeth
teeth grit
teeth bit into flesh
flesh laid bare
flesh flayed
flayed to the bone
flayed to stone
stone like Medusa’s thrown curse
stone like the cemetery
cemetery where birds gather
cemetery where words are worn
worn into marble and sworn
worn into prayers
prayers for the Frankenstein monster
prayers for the corpses
corpses dispersed
corpses coerced into silence
silence of wishing
silence of fishing for compliments
compliments from strangers
compliments from the half mist memory
memory what might have been
memory what never
never was
never could be
be right
be real
real like the letter F on a report card
real like a paper cut
cut to the quick and then made whole
cut to the end scene
scene of sunsets
scene of happily ever after
after the credits roll
after the edits
edits in black and white
edits on life
life remembered well
life remembered as we wish
wish to catch up the distant runner
wish to catch up myself

Poet's Note:  Made a stab at theme and form today.  Tried the blitz.  I like certain aspects of the blitz...but it's confining.  My fingers itched to break it.  But I tried...and this is what came.  The theme of the prompt was "late."  And since I'm running so far behind...the prompt seemed to fit me.

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  1. I agree with you, I like the blitz form. You can find a poem within the poem. But it's too confining for a free verse artist.

    I do love your piece, especially the part of a movie scene and end credits. Thank you!