Saturday, October 4, 2014

OctPoWriMo #4: My Kind of Revolution

My Kind of Revolution

Let’s set aside the revolution,
aim instead for evolution
of the mind, the kind
of change to rearrange

It’s not just static
in the attic! 

The mind is churning,
burning through the detritus
of our forebears to find
better for our

Naivety?  Perhaps…
the future collapse
upon my dreams.

But it seems
arguments fail, voices
rail one upon the other,
the sister bitter spit
upon her brother
to no avail.

I say let sail
the warships…
without us! 

Let them doubt us!

And we, in quiet keeping,
waking, sleeping,
always thinking, whisper
the truths our children
will be.

Poet's Note:  This is a prompt I wish I had more time for.  I have far too many complicated thoughts on revolution and change and the pointlessness of picking fights.  Some of that came out here.  I'm not sure I truly managed to nail it down.  I wish I had more time to refine...both the poem and my thoughts on the matter.  This is what I get for writing on a deadline.  But, as with much of my poetry, I found this one picking at uncomfortable pieces of my personality and calling into question how I think about certain things.   

True change, in my humble opinion, comes with time and the passing of generations.  Are the fighters and revolutionaries of the world and of history important?  The outspoken and passionate?  Yes!  I think they can be.  But I've often thought it's the quiet voice, the whisper in the background, that cricket-chirp conscience that has the greatest leverage for deep-rooted change. 

Anyhoo, off my soap-box.  Go visit for other poets' take on taking a stand.  :-)


  1. I'm all for a mind revolution. Let's have one today!
    Because of the way my mind works, you might sometimes have to get me back on track...
    Oh look! A puddy tat!
    ...but my heart will be in the right place all the way! :-)

  2. Very powerful! Well done!