Tuesday, October 7, 2014

OctPoWriMo #6: In the Absence of...

In the Absence of…
                thoughts on the perfect day.

Let me have the morning,
press my cheek to purple-scented
sheets, lavender sweet
into the lungs.

Let me linger there,
in that hazy gray comfort
between dreams, before
waking, before breaking
the crust
of a new day. 

Leave me the in-between.

Poet's Note:  Late, late, for a very important date!  Hahahhahahahaha!

Okay, this was a tough one for me.  Perfect?  Doesn't exist.  Would be boring if it did!  And I wasn't feeling perfect (take that however you will...it all applies).  But then I edged toward one of the questions...the perfect day.  I don't believe in that either.  But maybe...a perfect moment?  

Anyway, this is what came out.