Thursday, October 9, 2014

OctPoWriMo #9: I Write Because

I write because words
sometimes find my fingers
before they find voice, before choice,
before I understand myself what I want to say.

I write because words sometimes burn
in my gullet, a bullet swallowed
before its hollowed shell
could burst from gun.

I write because words
hurt less in Calibri.

I write because
joy.  Always

I write.

Poet's Note:  I write because.  I really wanted to do something deep with this prompt...but the words (funnily enough) aren't coming.  This isn't exactly what I was aiming for...but it's a poem and it's ON TIME!!!!  Who knew?

Seriously.  I have, in recent years, tried to take a more focused approach to poetry...writing poetry on a regular basis, about lovely things and not just my miseries.  For a long time, I wrote poetry...when I was hurting, when I needed to focus that hurt, speak it (in the only way this introvert can) and make it beautiful.  Odd that, the desire to make it beautiful.

But, in recent years, I've tried to write poetry...all the time.  About happy things, ordinary things, boring things even.  And I found that poetry helped to focus not just pain and anger and hurt feelings...but also joy.  Always joy.  Even in the hurt.

Remember that desire to make beautiful?

Poetry is focus.

And it's not always easy.  The blank page is not always my friend.  But it is always worthwhile.

Maybe someday I'll be able to write the poem that captures all that.  But, in the mean-time, Day #9!



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