Tuesday, October 13, 2015

2015 OctPoWriMo #13: Risk of Alliteration

Risk of Alliteration

Just do it already
Just pick up the pen
Pen a masterpiece,
Pen a poem
Poem lucked to the page
Poem plucked like a plum
Plum snapping black
Plum pulsing heat
Heat of the sun
Heat of my fingers
Fingers fondling the flesh
Fingers finding the rare imperfection
Imperfection of worm
Imperfection of tooth
Tooth glancing the surface
Tooth and lip pressed to the promise
Promise of the raw and the red
Promise of truth
Truth if there is such a thing
Truth the hard gnarled pit
Pit of a plum
Pit of my stomach
Stomach too full too round
Stomach rebound
Rebound from strife
Rebound from life
Life – the constant push
Life – the rearview second guessing
Guessing how many jelly beans in the jar
Guessing how far they might take us
Take us halfway to Florida
Take us farther, up the beanstalk
Stalk the stars
Stalk that empty space
Space between word and wonder
Space the final question
Question – is life limited to humanity
Question – is life limited to god
God of the Bible
God of self
Less a lie than it started
Less a truth than once thought
Thought I’d have it figured out by now
Thought I’d own myself outright
Outright declare myself
Outright dare myself a poet

Poet's Note:  The day's prompt revolved around the risks we are willing to take for/with our writing...combined with a blitz poem.  Blitz poems, in my limited experience, tend to go wild...so there you go...

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  1. I love that space between word and wonder. Beautiful Blitz poem. :)