Friday, October 7, 2016

OctPoWriMo #7 2016: Dieter's Lament

The Dieter’s Lament

Lips and tongue and teeth will say
salty, sweet and tasty.
And, hasty,

Defeat is

Poet's Note:  The prompt was tasty...diets are on the mind...guess why.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

OctPoWriMo #6 2016: Tantalus


I am too tired for
Tantalus.  I have a book
and the bittered tint of tea
on my tongue.  My pleasures
are with me.  Take
the apple;

The waters
will not retreat.

Drink.  No god

Poet's Note:  The prompt...tantalizing.  But I wasn't in the mood for thoughts of deprivation...which seem always to go with.  So...

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

OctPoWrimo #5 2016: With a Knife

With a Knife

I imagine the knife drawn
along my spine,
sharpened curve baring
one bowed, vertebrae
like breadcrumbs
cast to ground
and leading

I suppose
bone should be
fair warning.

The skin peels,
pulp, the red rush
of a monster’s

It doesn’t mind
the seeds;
It feeds,
succeeds its prey.

I leave my skin,
walk burning.

 Poet's Note:  The prompt  Went a little literal...then a little not so...or nutso.  :-)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

OctPoWriMo #4 2016: Purple People Eaters

Purple People Eaters

Plumping blush of sky, that skirt,
shirt, polka dot reminder of fifth grade
and glasses, the molasses of a photograph
sticky in its frame, unchanging
despite the summers, the plum purpose
of time derailed in the mind.

Blind, we paint with
purpled fingers
the dark edge
of a sunset, the lesser
pledge of the seashell, the frill
and fair remnant of a life
and we envy.

The dinosaur offers
dime-store rhymes for the taking,
making strange and magnanimous gestures
like a hug, snug in the surety there is
no connection, no flesh to press
nor face to ingest.

Did you think he had no teeth?

Purple like pain, the purpling words
of a bruised ego.

I like green better, maybe yellow.

Poet's Note:  The prompt was purple...I truly enjoyed the exercise...others may judge the results.

Monday, October 3, 2016

OctPoWriMo #3 2016: A girl says to a boy

A girl says to a boy…

You think I like diamonds.
And fun.
Maybe lunch.

All true, but not enough

to justify a definition.

Poet's Note:  The prompt...sparkle.  :-/

Sunday, October 2, 2016

OctPoWriMo #2 2016: Contemplating the Void

Contemplating the Void

Heat hollows
the space between
two hands.  We fill it
with our breath and press
death between our palms to
pray for understanding,
the gladdening of a world
too often sad, defy
the maddening
of a daily

Prayers fade, are answered,
are forgotten, ignored.

Poetry lingers.

Poet's Note:  Today's prompt...the void.  

Saturday, October 1, 2016

OctPoWriMo #1 2016: TimeStamp


We try to capture it, this
beast of our design
striped in
pencil mark
tally and smudged
by thumb to grudging
our own

2:30, 10, never…

The names beside mean more.

Poet's Note:  Back again for another go at the challenge.  Poetry has felt a little distant of late so I'm hoping this challenge will bring it closer.  The day's prompt was time.  I feel a little rusty...

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