Tuesday, October 4, 2016

OctPoWriMo #4 2016: Purple People Eaters

Purple People Eaters

Plumping blush of sky, that skirt,
shirt, polka dot reminder of fifth grade
and glasses, the molasses of a photograph
sticky in its frame, unchanging
despite the summers, the plum purpose
of time derailed in the mind.

Blind, we paint with
purpled fingers
the dark edge
of a sunset, the lesser
pledge of the seashell, the frill
and fair remnant of a life
and we envy.

The dinosaur offers
dime-store rhymes for the taking,
making strange and magnanimous gestures
like a hug, snug in the surety there is
no connection, no flesh to press
nor face to ingest.

Did you think he had no teeth?

Purple like pain, the purpling words
of a bruised ego.

I like green better, maybe yellow.

Poet's Note:  The prompt was purple...I truly enjoyed the exercise...others may judge the results.


  1. tactile in places - vivid sense of that frame...and many fingers having touched it

  2. Loved the internal rhymes, Anna. A favorite line, "... the frill and fair remnant of a life." And I remember those clothes of 5th grade. Thank you. xoA